Great founders are those looking to find concrete solutions for the challenges our societies face. In Europe the ecosystem of impact-driven ventures, founders, and investors is just starting to emerge.

What's in the box?

Sustainable impact

At Finparx we aim to contribute as active citizens to improving Daily Life, International Trade, Common Good and Open Society. We take the risk of starting ventures. Our ventures aim for both impact and profitability to become a sustainable and reliable partner.

Better together

The people at Finparx combine various professional and cultural backgrounds. Together we are a team keen to share our knowledge and experience with ambitious talents.

Finparx milestones

  • 11/15

    PAY.ON exit

    PAY.ON, a „Hidden Champion“ (Gründerszene) boosting International Trade by the world‘s largest online payment gateway, was sold to ACI Worldwide.

  • 11/15

    Payworks boost

    Finparx became lead investor at Payworks. Beside Payolution (now Paysafe Pay Later) and PAY.ON (now ACI) Payworks is another „Hidden Champion“ (Handelsblatt) in International Trade which Nikolaus von Taysen has co-founded years before.

  • 09/16

    Finparx manifest

    We agreed a) to commit our financial intelligence to public value, b) to have founders in the driver seats in terms of both responsibility and shares and c) to encourage founders to invest into their employees.

  • 01/17

    Circula foundation

    As frequent travelers trusting in our partner banks and tax advisors at home we were in need of a solution eliminating the hassle from business traveling. This is how the idea for Circula was born: To make expenses invisible while covering complex tax regimes.

  • 08/17

    Trip to Africa

    After deconstructing the value chain of international trade finance between developed and developing countries we went to Kenya to learn more about the daily challenges of the subsistence economy. We interviewed people, met with cooperatives, worked on a farm and did Safari with fire-side discussions until early morning.

  • 02/18

    Polyteia foundation

    After CDTM students in Munich set the ground with better visualization of public data, we took it to the next level by focusing on how data would have real impact on improving the life of millions of citizens – when used by city leaders for their daily operations and decision-making.

  • 02/18

    Kwara foundation

    Kwara was founded in Nairobi and Berlin to grow the Common Good in developing countries. We are providing the digital infrastructure to boost the wealth created for people and their families through their financial and agricultural cooperatives. This also supports constructing a fairer value chain in International Trade.