Finparx is proud to have always partnered with exceptionally talented founders and investors with proven subject matter experience enabling an outstanding success of our common ventures.

Christian Deger

Michael Altrichter


When Skrill made him as Founder of Payolution just 5 months after foundation an offer which no one could refuse, this led to the fastest exit in Austrian business history. Based on this success and his experience as CEO and Founder of Paysafecard, Michael became a successful Business Angel, a popular host of the Austrian TV show 2 Minuten 2 Millionen and Chairman of startup300. Michael has also invested at Payworks.

Christian Deger


Christian is CEO & Founder of Payworks in Munich. He helped building Payreto before starting his own venture. Payworks is a global payment gateway technology provider and is now part of Visa. Christian is also an investor in Circula and other technology startups. Christian is alumnus of the CDTM.

Norbert Gebhard


Norbert has been Director at the German Savings Banks Association in Berlin, Board Member at Europay in Brussels and General Manager at MasterCard in New York, lately responsible for global travel solutions, B2B and enterprise partnerships. He is an Investor and Advisor at Circula and is supporting all ventures when partnering with large organizations.

David Hwan


David is the Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Kwara. Prior to joining Kwara he co-founded and led Forward Incubator, training more than 100 entrepreneurs who had refugee status in the Netherlands.

He also started angel fund Bright Continent Capital with the unique twist of putting human capital first. David’s first work experiences were at PwC and the University of Amsterdam.

Roman Leicht


Roman is CTO and Founder at Circula. Before joining Finparx, Roman was already a heavyweight in successful venture building as CTO and Founder of a venture, which is now part of Finleap Connect, and as Head of Backend Development of a Rocket Internet venture, which is now part of SumUp.

Vince Power


Since Vince joined Finparx, he contributes experiences from the most innovative projects at the organizations which are leading the financial industries since decades, including the European Central Bank, the European Commission, or the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, as well as from recognized incumbents like VocaLink, Orange or SEB. At Finparx, Vince is ensuring that we don’t miss out any of the relevant product developments and he is connecting us with the smartest experts and talents of the industry.

Markus Rinderer


As CEO and Founder of PAY.ON and as Founding Partner at Payworks, Payolution and Payreto via Barikuta, Markus is a globally recognized expert in FinTech and has been pivotal also for the early success of Finparx. Working and living in Florida, Markus also actively helped Payworks and many other ventures to enter the market in the USA successfully.

Nikolai Skatchkov


Nikolai is CEO and Founder at Circula. Before joining Finparx for founding Circula, Nikolaus led the Business Development at the FinTech company builder Finleap and Business Operations at CompareAsiaGroup in Kuala Lumpur. Valuable professional experiences he gained also at ProSieben Ventures, HSBC and KPMG.

Nikolaus von Taysen


Joining the Founders team of PAY.ON, Nikolaus held during his more than 10 years at the company varying positions including Chief Sales, Chief Marketing, Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer. He orchestrated the management buyout from venture capitalists and left the company when it was sold successfully to ACI. As a serial entrepreneur, as Founder of Finparx and Bonum and as a Partner at Rumford, he is now acting as a company builder and active investor. At Finparx, he is currently driven by using financial intelligence to solve complex issues of data analytics and transactional infrastructure. Nikolaus is an alumnus of the CDTM.

Dr. Tschangiz Scheybani


As CEO and Founder of Payreto „Dr. Chan“ is one of the international experts in payments contributing experiences from leadership roles at Giesecke+Devrient, WorldPay and PAY.ON. Before entering payments he helped to solve a fundamental problem of physics as a postdoc in Munich and Tokyo.

Cynthia Wandia


Cynthia is the Co-Founder and CEO at Kwara. Prior to Kwara, she co-founded ASTRA Innovations, an E.ON-investee company advising power project developers in 15 African countries. At E.ON, she led special projects for the Board. Cynthia has previous work experience from Lehman Brothers, IKEA and Johnson & Johnson, and participated as an elections observer in Cambodia and Vietnam.