Finparx is a venture studio with an outstanding success record of Hidden Champions in global FinTech.

Impact ventures are now developed by our partner Bonum.

Meet the Founders

"So many financial institutions have trusted in Finparx and its ventures in the past 15 years. I think, this reputation and network will help us when we are challenging the status quo in financial service infrastructure."

Valentin von Albrecht CTO at

"When we decided to tackle the complex backend challenges in expense management to enable a really simple user experience at the frontend, Finparx has been the patient founding investor enabling a diligent development of our solution from day one."

Nikolai Skatchkov CEO at Circula

"When we founded Payworks, it has been pivotal for us starting with investors contributing an international network and a deep understanding of both the payments industry as well as the complexities of our product. We found it at Finparx and its partners."

Christian Deger CEO at Payworks

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